Image by Julia Fortuin

Boulevard Vincent Auriol – Where walls become art

Boulevard Vincent Auriol would have been a perfectly uninteresting boulevard, were it not for the paintings one can find on the walls that surround it. Paris’ 13th district is famous for street art and if you care to have a look you can actually discover an open air gallery of international artists. Ever since I live in Paris I have the impression this is making the area more and more popular, up to a point where I now often see tour guides in this otherwise forgotten area. 

Although I stumble upon new creations quite regularly, some of the most impressive wall paintings I have discovered so far can be found between the metro stations Nationale and Chevaleret. Walking there allows you to admire every artwork carefully, but if you take the metro your view will be even better, although short.

One of my favorites is a larger than life men on number 85 of the street: two men standing in front of each other in an intimate way. They could be lovers, but not necessarily. When I looked up the gigantic fresco on the internet, it became clear it was the world famous Irish street Connor Harrington that had been officially invited to paint.

The artwork is part of a project called ‘street art 13’, in which numerous street artists cooperate with the city. This leads to several enormous oeuvres popping up quickly, so whenever you go I’m sure you’ll find something new before I do!

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Boulevard Vincent Auriol, Paris

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24 hours daily
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