Katerina Kaftanova (1982)

About me
Half Czech, half French. Born in Trebíc, lived in Liberec till the age of 18 and then moved to Prague. I studied at Charles University (Humanity studies).

Currently I work as an advertising executive, where I can fulfill my passionate interest in advertising. I like good food and drinks and travelling (the combination of both is even more exciting).

Why Prague?
Over the years, Prague has totally conquered my heart and soul. Even if it will sound a bit “pragocentric” I have to say that I’m happy to live in a town which has a great history, nice architecture and a touch of something magical.

There is always a lot of stuff to see to and to do according to your mood. Being in Prague means also neverending discovery – it can be a park I have never been before, a good bar or an interesting building.

Where can we find you online?
Check out the interview with me & Sanne here

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