Tomáš Jungwirth (1988)

About me
Although I am currently in the process of concluding my law studies, I sincerely hope I will never become a typical “lawyer”. In fact, I really cannot imagine working 12 hrs a day for a large corporation. Instead, I try to mingle with the “bright side”, doing pro bono work on some public interest cases and engaging a bit in various human rights issues.

I have seen a bit of the world in my time, living in Israel, the US and travelling through most of Europe. I do have a particular interest in the Balkan region where I hope to pursue my studies.

Why Prague?
Prague has always been very dear to me and has in fact been one of the decisive factors not to go abroad when contemplating future opportunities after high-school. Currently, I am in the phase of re-establishing my relationship with the city but I know I will succeed.

One of the reasons which make it an unique city is the number of green spots it offers within its borders (you can see this aspect reflected in my articles). Also, there are so many local people to fall in love with. Not to forget, Prague has a great value/money ratio for just about any visitor.

Where can you find me online?

Check out the interview with me on the Spotted by Local’s blog

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