Veronika Bílá (1987)

About me
Born in the Sudetenland, on the border between the Czech Republic and Poland. I lived in a small town until the age of 19. I later moved to Prague to study International Business at the University of Economics and Hindi at Charles University. I have spent a considerable amount of time living in the US and most recently in India where I studied Yoga and Tibetan language.
My job frequently takes me back to Asia where I design and execute short term study programs for American universities. I like to drink tea and stay quiet.

Why Prague
Because it really is very close to the best. I have travelled the world and seen different places but there are not many cities as charming as Prague can be.
Whether you are in the mood for socializing or enjoying quiet moments by yourself, Prague is ready to embrace it all. The best way to explore it is to just walk around aimlessly. Don’t forget to look up. The richness of Prague’s architecture will no doubt capture your heart.

Where else can you find me online?

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