Image by Tomáš Jungwirth

Miska Republika – Another Černý’s Masterpiece

Just by the river, near Klárov, there is a place many tourist guides will lead you to. It is a nice small square where the famous Franz Kafka museum is placed. I haven’t visited it once, although I am a fan of Kafka’s work. Maybe it actually is worth seeing but I want to draw your attention elsewhere.

What I am talking about is the strange-looking sculpture in the center of the square. There, you will find two copper persons peeing into a strange bowl. Their waists move so that it looks even more life-like. The funniest part which a lot of people don’t realize, though, lays on the ground. Those guys pee into a bowl shaped like the Czech Republic! Once again, this proves David Černý‘s (author of e.g. Entropa) skills and vision.

Us Czechs aren’t a particularly proud nation. In fact, we do share some sense of self-irony. Artists like Černý who would elsewhere be considered very controversial thus have many fans here, me among them. But some others may surely find his work insulting. What is your opinion?

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