Fedde van der Spoel (1955)

About me
I am a theatre addict, ex-punk singer and I love art, theatre, music and dance. I also do a lot of reading (literature) and writing too. Always on the lookout for something new. Not afraid of experimental art forms and ready to discover.

I’ve been working at the Erasmus University for almost twenty years now, organising cultural programmes and co-ordinating a big website (Gebroken Oor). In the evening I am a director of theatre plays.

Why Rotterdam?
My city is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. It has a roughness and toughness only harbour cities have. People are friendly but direct (but aren’t all Dutch people like that?)

You can find some beautiful architecture here and there are also old and small streets (in Delfshaven). The river is in the centre of town, vast and wide, and is used by small taxi-boats to move you from place to place which is rather unique in the Netherlands.

I like to go off the beaten track to discover new places.

Where can you find me online?
Gebroken Oor

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