Koert Hougee (1975)

About me
Born and raised some 35 km from Rotterdam, but ever since my youth Rotterdam was always the big city for me. Although I’ve been an official Rotterdam citizen for only a few years now, I’ve been working here for 15 years already and I was able to see the city changing over and over. I work here as an architect which I think is a benefit in understanding the city a bit better.

In my free time I like to stroll around in the lesser-known parts of the city with my camera or try out the new hotspots in town. Furthermore I’m into art, cinema, literature and in recent years I’ve been discovering the world of wine. The travel bug also infected me years ago and that means I try to travel as much as possible to all corners of the world.

Why Rotterdam?
For me Rotterdam has a bit of everything. At some points it feels like a real big city with the large sized developments at the riverfront, but at other times you seem to know everybody.

I like the fact that Rotterdam has always been a breeding ground for new ideas. It’s an architectural paradise and a photographer’s playground. The summer season here is totally packed with festivals and Rotterdam is also one of the culinary hotspots in the Netherlands.

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