Image by Koert Hougee

Historical trams – Take a ride!

Maybe you wouldn’t expect this seemingly dusty subject from me, but I really like the presence of the historical trams in the city. With the help of a group of enthusiastic volunteers – mostly former tram drivers and conductors it’s still possible to go back in time and take a ride in one of these few remaining trams of years gone by. For me these trams represent a certain conscience of the city in which everything seems to have adjusted to 21st century needs. Their rattling sound when they pass by, the smell of lubrication oil, the cracking of wood when they make a turn make you realize the city must have looked so much different a century ago.

During summertime you can take line 10 but it’s also possible, and in my opinion even more fun, to rent one of the trams, including driver and conductor, with a group of people. That’s not really cheap, but if you find enough people it becomes affordable plus the money will be used for further maintenance.

I noticed that I looked at the city in a completely different way from behind the windows of the old wagon. Another nice thing about renting your own tram is that you can guide it into any direction you wish as long as the presence of rails allows of course.

All aboard and let’s go!

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Willemsplein, Rotterdam

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Fri - Sun 11:00 - 17:00


Ride line 10: € 7


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