Christina Rosivack (1990)

About me
I am a traveler and latte addict who has been living in and exploring St. Petersburg since 2013. Before Russia, life took me to Budapest, Hungary, where I lived for a year while earning my master’s degree. I love being abroad – since finishing university, this has without a doubt been my biggest priority, as it has introduced me to amazing people and cultures I never would have known otherwise.

While in St. Pete, I have learned to ‘gulyat’, or stroll aimlessly for hours either with friends or on my own (this, I would argue, is Russia’s national pastime). I also enjoy cooking, especially Mexican cuisine, and hanging out with my Russian-American cat Melvin.

Why Saint Petersburg?
I fell in love with St. Petersburg when I first studied abroad here in 2010. Although the city is large and bustling, it has many small corners and neighborhoods that each have their own individual vibe. Petersburg has a rich history, blending Europe and Russia and telling the story of both the tsarist empire and the Soviet 20th century. All of this is readily visible in the architecture of its buildings and the feel on the city’s streets.

But what really makes St. Petersburg special is the feeling of youth and possibility here. It is a creative center, and new, interesting places are constantly opening. There are many young people in the city, and I have always felt like it is a place where ideas come to life such as restaurants, secret bars, time cafes, street art, and so much more. This dynamic is what makes St. Petersburg unique and always exciting.

Where can you find me online?

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