Mia Bucan (1991)

About me
I grew up in Sarajevo – it’s my city and all memories I cherish most are related to it. I am an art student and very passionate about what I do. I spend most of my time working on my prints or writing new ideas. The rest of my day is usually spent walking and reading or going for a hike – it’s the best way ever to spend a weekend.

I love to visit other places and of course meet different people. The first thing I do is go to museums – those are the places I find so inspiring with their history, art, beauty…

Why Sarajevo
The thing I like most about Sarajevo is its architecture and diversity. Sarajevo is the only European city to have a mosque, a Catholic church, an Orthodox church and a synagogue within the same neighborhood.

The best thing to do when wandering around the city is to start at the city center but then just pick a side and go uphill. I think there you will find the most interesting houses and scenes, even the most beautiful ruins. If it’s your day, you will end up in some part where time stands still.

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