Elisabet Norrgård (1991)

About me
I’m Elisabet, also called Elisa by my friends. In 2015 I moved in with my best friend here in Stockholm, but I’m originally from a small town in the north of Sweden. I work as a Marketing and Communications Coordinator by day, and by night I suppose I’m what you would call a foodie.

I love traveling and trying new restaurants and bars, and most of my salary is lost to those leisure activities. Fortunately for me, my boyfriend and friends are just as crazy about food and trying new things as I am!

If I could only eat one meal a day for the rest of my life, it would be brunch.. or breakfast. Or dinner. No! I choose breakfast. I’m sure now.

Also, my favorite emojis are: Turtle, Elephant, Wine Glass.

Why Stockholm?
I love Stockholm because there’s always something to do and something new for you to experience. I feel like I haven’t even experienced 30% of the city. There’s always a new restaurant opening, a new club, a comedy show, or maybe an outdoor cinema to visit.

But above all, I love this city because it makes me feel free, and it makes me excited about life (super cheesy, I know, but still true).

Where can you find me online?
My sketches, paintings & photos at Elisabet Norrgård

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