Jonathan Rollins (1982)

About me
I am originally from Miami, Florida in the US. I still maintain my southern sensibilities and friendliness. I consider myself a fun-loving and free-spirited person.

I have always been interested in the arts (music, writing, dance, theater, etc.), and writing has been my preferred medium of expression.

I’m a big time sports fanatic who loves to get to know people. I feel that everyone is interesting in some way or another.

A recent development in my life is the birth of my son. Now I have a new set of eyes to pass on the joys of the world to. This journey should be fun. As should the journey through the spots that I pass on to you.

Why Stockholm?
Stockholm is a very distinct city. Though popular and populated, there is still a bit of a small town feel to it. The responsibility of Sweden’s biggest city is carried by Stockholm. So there’s always something to do here! Everyone speaks English here and the summers are fantastic.

Stockholm is a city of islands, so waterfront sites are everywhere! You could whip out your camera in many places and get some great pictures! There are great parks, nightclubs, restaurants and museums in Stockholm. The possibilities here are endless. I’ve seen so much of this great city, but I know she has so much more to offer.

Where can you find me online?
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