Natalia Urbanska (1982)

About me
I guess you could say I’m a sponge which indulges on various things; like social entrepreneurship, street art, sustainability and literature. My goal the last couple of months has been to try and read all the books I haven’t yet had time to read while continuously adding new releases to the have-to-read-list; an impossible task, not just because of the persistently growing list but mainly because of the lack of time. (Of course I always have to buy all these marvelous books as well, which leave me with an empty wallet and packed shelves.)

I was born in Warsaw but have lived in Stockholm since I was two (except one year in France in my twenties enjoying French wine).

Why Stockholm
And what about Stockholm? A beautiful city which I fully enjoy. I’ve grown fond of the calmness, the people and the water surrounding the whole city. The atmosphere is stunning, especially in the spring with the sun peeking out and in autumn when all trees are colorful.

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