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Falafelbaren – Cool, vegetarian and delicious

Falafelbaren means “The Falafel Bar” and the title describes it perfectly. This cozy place has the feel of a local bar without the guilt of chicken wings and gravy fries. There is a friendly buzz about Falafelbaren that just gets my spirits up!

Falafelbaren is a busy place at lunch time. There is a hum of the staff preparing orders, washing dishes and the customer chit-chat that brings this restaurant to life. The tight seating arrangements pretty much guarantee that I will be sitting next to someone I don’t know, and that, to me is quite charming. There are tasty sauces placed on the tables for all to share. They’re all strong in flavor and the orange one is quite spicy. Just how I like my sauces! 

The service is friendly and alarmingly quick. Most times I have my order before I’ve even gotten comfortable in my seat! Falafelbaren serves salads, pitas and wraps at a speedy pace. There is a small dessert menu and fresh coffee available to order. But my favorite falafel sidekick is the lemonade. I can’t state enough the importance of good lemonade to me. I haven’t found many places in Stockholm to get fresh lemonade, so I take every opportunity to enjoy it when I can. Falafelbaren does the lemonade just right!

All of these great things in one little spot a couple of blocks from the Mariatorget train station. Falafelbaren is my choice for quick, cozy, healthy eating. And of course… great lemonade.

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Details about this spot



Hornsgatan 39, Stockholm

Opening Times

Mon - Fri 11:00 - 19:00, Sat 11:00 - 16:00


Falafel Wrap: SEK 80


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