Kristiina Kala (1982)

About me
Born in the quiet historical suburb of Tallinn called Nõmme, I am 9th generation in my family living in Tallinn.

I spent my younger years living in the protected environment of Nõmme, including my collage years studing Network Software in Tallinn Technical Univercity.

Since then I have lived in various parts of Tallinn, including highly modern Rotermanni Quarter and historical Kadriorg.

Why Tallinn?
I find Tallinn beautifully versatile.
Tallinn holds unquestionable historical value with very well reserved Old Town and influences from Russian emperor Peter the Great in Kadriorg. And the same time you can find stunning modern architecture in Rotermanni Quarter and the house of KUMU Art Museum.

In the winter when the weather gets really cold, that’s the nicest time in the around when streets are covered with snow, the town square has the most beautiful Christmas Fare and you can sit in a warm cafe, watching snow fall down outside and drink hot chocolate.

Where else can you find me online?

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