Einat Balderman (1983)

About me
Israeli, but a little Latin as well. Tel Aviv is my home, but so are other places.

I’m a foodie. 100% foodie and Tel Aviv is making this “illness” grow. I am passionate for design and DIY, love walking the streets and finding little pretty corners. Love finding craft stores and especially paper stores. I take coffee seriously and my coffee places as well. Wine is red, not white, not bubbly.

My name is Einat, I have somewhat of an International life story. Was born in Haifa, Israel, moved with my family to Mexico when I was 2 (where I then learned Spanish together with my hebrew). Later in life lived 4 years in Santiago, Chile. Spent a year in Brussels. Travel to Sao Paulo and Buenos Aires twice a year and live planning from one travelling experience to the next.

I’ve been living in Tel Aviv for the past 7 years. Everybody keeps telling me it’s a phase, everyone has to go through the “TLV Phase”. Luckily, I have a husband who I managed to make fall in love with this city as well and he understands that we could live here forever (if the economy will allow it…)

I work with young Jewish adults that come visit Israel for the first time and I love being able to show them just a little bit of this country.

Why Tel Aviv?
I’m a city girl, 100% urban. I’ve lived in many places around the world and I just love the big cities! This is where I feel like myself…

Tel Aviv is all that and more. A city that never sleeps is not just a saying when it comes to Tel Aviv. You can decide you feel like going for a quick swim in the ocean at 02:00, and there it is. You can come back from a late night at work, and find the city to be still alive, at any hour.

The city that every FOODIE has to love. Being able to walk the city, the entire city. Having everything within hands reach, even if you don’t reach it.

Where can you find me online?

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