Dario Dalla Zuana (1982)

About me
I am, first of all, a curious person: I always like to explore new things. Therefore that is why I like travelling the most as ever since I was young I’ve believed travelling is the best way to open up our minds to what the whole world has to offer.

I am obsessed with photography, street food, local markets and road trips…

Why Turin?
Travel guides always try to point out what the best season is to travel to a particular destination. That said, I think Turin is enjoyable all year around. Being really close to the Alps, you can take advantage of day ski trips during the winter. In autumn, every weekend there are local wine and food festival to die for. In spring and summer the nice weather brings back open air parties in the park, bike rides in the nearby hills and, of course, gelato…

Where can you find me online?

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