Enrica Pressanto (1986)

About me
After many years still no one seems to have found the switch to turn me off. I confess, I’m not able to stop myself (or to shut up) but you know a leopard can’t change its spots. My friends usually call me a modern Lucy Van Pelt and it’s not hard to find the reason why.

I’m a spinning top and as soon as I can I love to discover new places, to try new spots, to plan future travels and – icing on the cake – to buy shoes, maybe too many shoes (I know I’m not perfect).

I work in the world of web and restaurants, in my free time I write for my personal blog about lifestyle and fashion and I try to respect the busy schedules that I plan without thinking about the time.

I’m really convinced this is not my time to rest.

Why Venice?
Venice is a real and continuous time journey. You can travel all around the world and visit the most surprising cities but you can’t find anything comparable to Venice. Pro and cons of this city make it unique. The streets, squares and buildings are exactly the same as in the past and I always feel like a tourist in my own city.

Venice changes little and slowly but it’s always vibrant.

Where can you find me online?
Personal blog Secondo Lucy

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