Andreas Hussak (1979)

About me
Born and raised in Vienna, I spent most of my life in this fascinating city. Here I studied political sciences (as well as in Rotterdam, Netherlands), working nowadays as a journalist and I have to say, I love what I am doing: you can get in touch with a lot of different people, you get about a lot, you always discover something new, surprising facts, remarkable stories and you get to know a big variety of attitudes towards life.

These are actually the same reasons, why I enjoyed travelling in the past, and of course I still do. They all apply as well to the experiences you can have by exploring new places, people and cultures abroad. Since my childhood I have had a lot of friends spread all over Europe, and together with taking care of expats and couchsurfers coming to Vienna, they have frequently given me the opportunity to put myself into the role of being a guide, introducing them to my hometown, my favourite spots and some hidden gems, which are usually not recognized by common tourists.

In the past, “Spotted by locals“ already helped me a lot by finding some genius ideas on how to spend my time in other cities. So at one point I thought, hey, why shouldn’t I contribute as well to this project, putting together recommendations and hints to activities I would like to know myself if I were to visit Vienna? In fact I know a lot of them. So get off the beaten track and check them out!

Why Vienna?
First of all because it’s my home and this city I know best by far. I’ve spent more than 30 years of my life here and there are still so many things to discover. In Vienna you never get bored!

Apart from the general quality of life, what I appreciate the most is that, especially compared to other cities, there is not such a big gap between social classes. That might also be a reason why Vienna regularly takes a top position in the ranking of the safest cities worldwide. Even as a single woman and during the night you can walk every street in every area without having security concerns. (Well, I am a tall male but still that matters to me.) Anyway you don’t have to walk much because the dense public transport system is very well organized and works reliably.

The community invests intensively in offering a wide range of activities and events, and due to this fact a great time in Vienna is a given, even without spending too much money. For babies, for grannies, and for all there is in between, the city cares about all of its inhabitants, and that applies no less to visitors than it does to locals.

Where can you find me online?

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