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Cottageviertel – A little bit of Britain in Vienna

Back in the 1860s a certain area of the 18th and 19th district was exclusively dedicated to be covered with English cottages or what people of this time imagined they would look like. Later on villas inspired by the French and Italian were raised here. The cottage quarter is a remarkable green neighbourhood, including some parks as well as the main buildings of Boku (universtiy of natural resources and life sciences) and its gardens.

The Cottage quarter is framed by the Peter-Jordan-Straße in the north, the Gymnasiumstraße in the east, the Haizingergasse in the south and the Sternwartepark as well as the Türkenschanzpark in the west.

I like taking a walk here, because the architectural styles differ a lot from what Vienna usually looks like in the inner districts. From the magnificent mansion to the dreamy chateau like in a fairy tale, you will always discover something new.

Although Vienna in general has quite a well-balanced spreading of social stratums, here you are definitely in a rich neighbourhood. The landlords are organized in an association which restricts them to precisely defined building regulations in order to preserve the typical appearance of the Cottageviertel.

There are a few other neighbourhoods in Vienna raised in a similar scheme, e.g. in Hietzing or in Lainz. However, this one I consider as the nicest and most worth seeing.

Through the free app “Hearonymus” you can even download an audio guide of the cottage district for € 1.79.

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