Image by Andreas Hussak

Krapfenwaldbad – The bath for fancy people

Vienna has a lot of public swimming pools. Many of them are swimming baths. Depending on what you intend to do there, and who accompanies you, some are more and some are less convenient. The Krapfenwaldbad for sure is the wrong choice if you want to do your swimming exercises. It’s also the wrong place if you seek any aqua attractions.

There are four pools and all of them are rather small and only one of them is deep enough to swim seriously. But I still like to go there.

First because it is located on natural terraces up on a mountain and offers a breathtaking view over Vienna. When you are in the water you may think it’s an infinity pool surrounded by Vienna’s skyline. This circumstance alone justifies coming here.

The second reason is the audience. The Krapfenwaldbad is well known for being the show-off-spot for the rich and beautiful. Most of the people here can probably call villas and private pools in the wealthy neighbourhood their own (or rather their parents can). But there, unfortunately, there is nobody to marvel at their well trained, beefy, and sometimes artificially pimped bodies. So they feel the need to come to Krapfenwaldbad in order to find satisfaction.

Without taking part in this game by myself, it’s fun to hang out with friends guessing who has had how many plastic surgeries done and identifying the most desperate confirmation-hunters. For sure you will always find both: real beauties and unintentionally comical posers.

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Details about this spot



Krapfenwaldgasse 65-73, Vienna

Telephone number


Opening Times

2 May - 17 Sep Mon - Fri 09:00 - 19:00, Sat - Sun 08:00 - 19:00 (16 May - 31 Aug till 20:00 daily)


Full day/Locker: € 5.50


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