Image by Kasia Boni

Malinova – Ice cream place

It’s (still) summer time, and so it’s ice cream time! There’re always disputes about the best ice cream place in Warsaw, but people vote with their feet and those who know about Malinova will rarely go anywhere else.

This is the temple of cold flavors, freezing sorbets, crunching wafers, and generous portions. First, when you stroll down the Mokotów alleys, you notice people with sticky marks on their faces. They vigorously try to clean them and eat whatever remains from their heavenly tasting ice creams. You go further, and you see a small crowd occupying benches, fences, and steps in front of the ice cream shop. All of them are licking, pecking, wolfing down, and even inhaling colorful scoops.

Now it’s your turn. Don’t be appalled by the corny interior. Who cares that it’s all pink and glittering? You aren’t here for an aesthetic experience but for a mouthwatering one. Choose a portion size (mini, small, medium, big) and the amount of flavors you want to taste.

The spectrum isn’t as overwhelming as in Italy but it gives you a chance to taste all of their flavors in five visits. So, what do you like: fresh lime, sweet watermelon, summery forest fruits, a little bit bitter chocolate, delicious tiramisu, gourmet pistachio? You name it. Scoops take the form of an artistic mess, it’s Italian style!

If you want – stay inside, but coffee and cakes don’t actually rock the table. My advice – go outside, enjoy the sun! Beware of the queues!

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Details about this spot



Al. Niepodległości 130, Warsaw

Telephone number


Opening Times

11:00 - 21:00 daily


3-4 Flavors: PLN 12


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