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Vegan Pizza – (Vegan) Cheesy, hot & tasty!

Warsaw is becoming more and more ‘different dietary needs’ conscious by the day and it is wonderful! Now vegan is no longer something unattainable! Warsaw now has (and within a few blocks’ radius, at that!) two vegan burger places, a vegan hotdog place and, the newest addition – a vegan pizza place. Simply called Vegan Pizza, it is a vegan’s dream come true: actual pizza! Nice thin crust, melty (vegan) cheese, tons of well-seasoned vegetables – in an extraordinary amount of combinations, nice spicing and vegan sausages of all sorts. Choose from a large variety of pizzas (and a few calzones), but you can also get pizza by the slice – and it’s worth looking out for their pizza of the day.

Ok. And now some information for those who are not vegan (like myself, as it happens) and are thinking “Vegan? Pizza? Vegan pizza? Really?”: so, if you take into account the fact that yes, indeed, it is vegan cheese we are talking about, and yes, it may be hard for you to consider it real – you should maybe judge it in a different category than plain ol’ pizza, and take it as what it is: vegan pizza, which just tastes really good!

In other great news: they deliver!

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Details about this spot



ul. Poznańska 7 (entrance from Wilcza), Warsaw

Telephone number


Opening Times

12:00 - 22:00 daily


Whole pizza: PLN 24

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