Laetitia Brock (1980)

About me
People always wonder how a Parisian like me ended up in Washington, DC. I moved here for graduate school at the heydays of French bashing and freedom fries. Nonetheless, I fell in love. Not with the city, at least not at first. I fell in love with a good Southern American man and we built our lives here in the District. We live downtown with our cat Chloe.

Why Washington DC?
I’m a city baby. I grew up in the Marais, I went to college at McGill University, right in downtown Montreal. I can’t imagine not living in an urban environment, so while I spent one year in the suburbs in Virginia, I quickly settled in downtown D.C., which is a surprisingly walkable place, with a vibrant cultural life.

Of course I miss Paris, but eventually, I learned to stop comparing Washington to Paris and to love it for what it is. It’s a political town, yes, but it’s so much more. You can meet people from all over the United States and all over the world, whether they’ve come here for school or to work on Capitol Hill or for one of the many embassies here.

It has great sports teams, tons of museums and new restaurants that pop up every other week it seems. And while I’ll always call Paris home, right now, I wouldn’t want to live anywhere else but Washington, D.C.

Where can you find me online?
French Twist DC

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