Karla Lončar (1984)

About me
I was born and raised in Zagreb where I graduated in Sociology and Comparative literature at the Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences.

I am a filmologist and a film critic. In broader terms, I am an admirer of words and pictures. My interests include watching films, reading books, traveling, art, photography, music and lots of other wonderful things.

Why Zagreb?
Zagreb is my hometown, which is why, unfortunately, I cannot answer this question objectively. I would probably have to distance myself from Zagreb in order to to experience it in a more profound way. And I must admit I woud like that to happen. Living in some other country, just for a while, is something I long for.

When I think of what I would miss the most during my absence (besides my friends and loved ones), I presume that it would be those rare moments when everything seems compatible in its familiarity – the view of versatile people on the streets, lighting and scents that remind you which time of the year is, te taste of the Zagrebian snacks I love, the sounds of trams and the Cathedral’s bells.

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