Krunoslav Koprivnjak (1981)

About me
Quite frankly, I’m a big jumble of different interests, a blatant example of which is that my friends call me DJ Lobotomy whenever I play music at parties because the order of the songs I play makes very little sense to them. However, I’m always trying to convince them that there’s an underlying pattern and a hidden logic in what at first glance might seem as a big chaos. All in all, in the end they all have a great time, which is kinda the point :).

Quick facts: Born in Krapina (50 clicks North by Northwest from Zagreb), moved to Zagreb in 2000 to finish English language and literature and Comparative literature, worked as a translator, English teacher, high school teacher, sales and marketing manager, mediator, PR person and editor in a publishing house (my current job).

My other interest include (in no particular order) literature, barbecuing, binge drinking, cycling, beach volley, chilling, traveling, cooking, jokes and pranks, burek, pondering, rowing, fishing, RPG computer games, pool and snooker, football, math and chemistry, movies, surfing the internet, Renaissance poetry, etc.

What Zagreb means for me
Historically, Zagreb has long time been (and I believe still is) at the border of Eastern and Western culture, occupying a unique position of cultural trade which gave rise to new ideas, forms and practices colourfully present on its streets. Sprinkle all that with 60 years of communism and bits of recent globalization and you get a big melting pot called Zagreb.

By visiting places described by Zagreb spotters, one could get a really profound insight into its pulse and mentality, something that a second hand experience from single-perspective history books or tourist guides could never provide.

Where can you find me online?

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