Milana Martinovic (1983)

About me
Born and raised in Zagreb, I’ve lived a beautiful childhood that Zagreb can provide – in a city that is small and safe enough so you can play in the street in the city centre but also big enough to provide everything a capital needs to provide.

However, soon enough I started feeling there are many more interesting things out in the wide world, so I set off to Prague for my studies. After completing a BA degree at the University of New York in Prague and working in advertising in the Czech Republic, I decided to put my hard-learned expat expertise to good use in Croatia.

So after some travels around the world (my middle name is travel-junkie and I deeply believe I’ve got a disease which is called a lack of kilometers in my blood) I’ve returned to Zagreb a couple of years ago where I’m still trying to make an impact. Started my own company promoting arts and crafts (CroArs), helped produce a film festival on an island (Supetar Super Film Festival), worked as a travel guide in Croatia, organized sailing trips and many other fun things, still looking for my place under the Sun.

Consequently, my interests are as various as the jobs I’ve done: art and design, travel, adventure, food and wine, cooking, sailing, dancing, music, films, books, coffee, coffee with friends, partying and some more partying, meeting new interesting people with crazy ideas and wonderful new insights, yoga, meditation, you name it. Actually, there is rarely a thing in this life that doesn’t interest or amaze me, spark my imagination and I’m trying to keep it like that. Some would say I refuse to grow up, but I guess that’s quite subjective :).

Why do I love Zagreb?
Because its terribly small and everyone knows everyone, there are not many options for crazy partying and yes, the buildings should be renovated.

However, it’s a fantastic walk from one end to another, meeting all those people you know, partying in the same spots seems somehow different every time and the buildings that should be repaired leave so much space for imagination to run wild, telling stories that were and could be.

Mostly however, there are some really amazing people in Zagreb that shouldn’t be missed ­čÖé

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