Image by Milana M.

Pif – As hipster as it gets, Zagreb style

You know those places that are legendary and everyone flocks there as if pulled by an invisible force, but without really knowing why? Well, Pif is definitely one of those places in Zagreb. Or may I dare say, Pif, is THAT very place.

Insanely popular with the cool crowd – artists, actors, designers, musicians and basically anyone who likes to consider themselves within these circles. Or whoever wants to be close to people from these circles. Sometimes also those who are there by sheer inertia without even knowing why. But they just know they have to be there.

To be clear, this could all mean that Pif is a highly stuck-up and pretentious place, but it’s not. It’s actually the furthest from that as it can be. The atmosphere in Pif is, unlike many other Zagreb bars, strangely relaxed and comfortable. Well, comfortable if you manage to ignore the super crowded small space that it turns into on the weekends. So crowded and smoky that if you’re even slightly claustrophobic, you won’t want to be there. But then again, you will not want to leave.

It’s a strange phenomenon to explain, because it’s on a street that is crowded with cafes, right downtown. Yet, none of the surrounding places can come even close. Likewise, it’s not like the coffee or spirits there are the best in the universe. They’re good, but not the best. So what makes it so special? I guess you’ll just have to visit yourself and find out.

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Details about this spot



Petra Preradovića 4 , Zagreb

Opening Times

Mon - Thu & Sun 07:00 - 01:00, Fri - Sat 07:00 - 02:00


Coffee : Kn 9

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