Image by Christine Syrad

Hardau Park – Goliath’s sling shot?

David defeated Goliath with a single stone and a slingshot…or was it the other way around? What one beholds as they approach this park is definitely food for confusion. It’s also something I wish my ten-year old self could have had the chance to stumble upon. 27 year-old self will have to suffice, sigh.

This park is pretty new and really tucked away. You have to know where it is as the chances of happening upon it as a tourist are beyond slim. Once you find this hidden oasis, though, you can choose whether to hog the slingshot or to play some basketball, play ping pong, light up a BBQ, conduct a yoga class on the wooden “platforms” available, read a book on the lawn or just cool your feet in the water feature. It’s right behind a Migros where, during the summer, the BBQ tools on display will dictate what your plans for the evening. I’m convinced they’re trying to let passersby in on a Narnia-like secret that lies beyond the supermarket.

Although, actually, I doubt you’ll want to do anything but play with the sling shot once you find out what happens when you use it. Just to make sure you don’t think I’m referring to pinging your moody children into the stratosphere, here’s a hint: it’s even cooler once the sun starts to sink.

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Badenerstrasse 372, Zurich

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