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Abu Dhabi (by David Rodrigo)

One of the next city guides we would like to launch as part of our fight against overtourism is Abu Dhabi, the capital of the United Arab Emirates!

UAE itself is not particularly unknown to travelers; however, most tourists tend to overlook the capital and instead opt to visit Dubai. We already know that Abu Dhabi too has much to offer (and some would argue even more than Dubai), but we need help from you, Abu Dhabi locals, to prove this to the rest of the world.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque (by Oana-Maria Sofronia)

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque is certainly impressive, and so is Louvre Abu Dhabi, but there is so much more to UAE’s capital than just its beautiful tourist highlights. Because Abu Dhabi is not defined by its towers or architecture; it is defined by its people. That is why we want to focus on the people, people like you – locals who know and love Abu Dhabi more than anyone else.

So what is it like to experience Abu Dhabi like a local? Where can you get the best coffee or local Luqaimat? Where do locals relax or celebrate? This is what we and many travelers want to know!

Are you an Abu Dhabi loving local?

We aim to show visitors (and locals!) the real culture of Abu Dhabi beyond the tourist highlights. We are looking for locals who’d like to share their passion and spread the word about Abu Dhabi by blogging about their favorite spots. Browse around our current 80+ city blogs and learn more about our amazing community & vision!

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