Abyssinia Amsterdam

Image by Bart van Grevenhof

Abyssinia – Discover Ethiopian food

Amsterdam is one of those places in the world you could define as a crossroads. A place where people travel from, to and through and leave a bit of what they are known for behind. This makes it possible to explore the world, and one of my favorite destinations is another crossroads: Ethiopia. The place to go to in Amsterdam: Abyssinia.

If you never had Ethiopian food it will be both something completely different and comfortingly familiar. Ethiopia is a crossroads where Asian, Arabian and Mediterranean influences meet African culture, and at Abyssinia this translates directly onto your plate — or pancake in this case.

At Abyssinia, you will order from different kinds of dishes with meat, fish or vegetables. These will be served, together with great Ethiopian cheese, salad, and a hot sauce, on a pancake – an injera. You will also get some extra injeras on the side, and the idea is to tear pieces from the pancake and use them to pick up small bites of the dishes and combine them with the condiments. Don’t forget the pancake on the bottom that is sucking up all the flavors from the dishes on top of it.

The entourage of Abyssinia, the banana beer you will drink out of a gourd, and the Ethiopian jazz in the background does the rest. Sharing food by picking it up with a pancake, no matter if there are two of you or a whole group, makes the dining experience unlike any other.

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Jan Pieter Heijestraat 190, Amsterdam

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17:00 - 23:00 daily


Main course: € 15


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