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Gerben van der Zwaard (1992)

About me
Well, hello. As an overly curious and easily distracted inhabitant of Amsterdam, I’m always keen to find new things to keep me busy. Whether it’s a book, a park, friends, ice-skating, a stunning restaurant or a proper workout, as long as it’s challenging or new, I’m good.

I’m the guy who keeps nice places to go to in a small booklet and/or in my phone (which results in me getting questions for advice on where to go to). This is probably something I developed during my first months in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, since I hate to be in the dark when going places, and which has never left me. Besides that, I like to write. Mostly small, quirky poems, but for my job as a strategist in an advertising agency writing is a key element too.

Why Amsterdam?
Amsterdam is probably one of the most eye-popping cities in the world. Its wonderful atmosphere, where architecture, diverse cultural backgrounds, great food and interesting opportunities meet, is a unique thing all Amsterdammers, including me, cherish.

The city and its freedom gave me the opportunity to develop myself as a person, it always has the answer when I’m looking for something fun to do and constantly keeps on changing. To me, Amsterdam is the most charming city I’ve ever been to, and simply said, Amsterdam is a place you should have been to at least once in your life.

Where can you find me online?

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