Best Local Restaurants in Amsterdam (2018)


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Our Amsterdam locals love their local foods. We have compiled a list of their favorite restaurants – where you won’t find many tourists.

Image by Shawn Ruth van Heuckelum

1. Stek

‘Stekkie’, a word that is used nowadays to describe a nice and homely place, can also be seen in this restaurant’s vintage and industrial interior design. Ranging from breakfast meals to home-made compote or sausage rolls, this restaurant will make you feel as if you are on a vacation (if you are not on one that is). Meat lovers especially will absolutely love this place as the Steak tartare is recommended by Shawn!

Image by Gisela Clarke

2. Eetbar Wilde Zwijnen

A complementary to the actual restaurant, this food bar serves smaller portion from the menu consisting of cuisines of so many countries, including the authentic Dutch one. Dishes served here are meant to be shared, which adds on to the uniqueness when visiting this place. Apparently Gisela  really recommends the dessert cheese here.

Image by Martin Sollmann

3. Stadscafe van Mechelen

Making use of local and sustainable products from oriented suppliers, this restaurant greets you first with an Irish pub and the restaurant lies ahead. It is open from 09:00 to 22:00 and its industrial style is so appealing that it gives out the unique vibe making it different from any other place of similar type of restaurants.

Image by Stephen van den Hoek

4. Café Sonneveld

Even though it has the word café, you can find here traditional Dutch dishes such as kipsaté, which combines Indonesian and also Dutch cuisine into a single dish. Mentioned by Stephen, this is his go-to should he miss his family’s food. Definitely a go-to if you are bored with the usual types of food you can find here in Amsterdam!

Cafe Winkel 43 Amsterdam (by Stephen van den Hoek)

Image by Stephen van den Hoek

5. Café Winkel 43

Last but not least, this is the place where you can get a good apple pie described by Stephen as an ‘apple-shaped sun’ here in Amsterdam. The apple-pie has a certain feeling into it as it is homemade, making Stephen to rephrase his words that any pie would not be as good as his mother’s and he also quoted that the apple pie here is a good example of a Dutch apple pie.

What are your favorite local Amsterdam restaurants?

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