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Brandt & Levie – O.G. sausage makers from Amsterdam

In the Western dock area of Amsterdam is Brandt & Levie’s butcher’s shop. It’s also the company’s home base, where all the different variations and flavors of my favorite snack are invented. That snack goes by the name ‘Brandt & Levie worst’ and to say that I am obsessed with this food, would be an understatement.

‘Droge worst’ is a traditional Dutch ‘dried sausage’ that you cut in slices as a bite next to your drinks – and boy oh boy, have Brandt & Levi perfected the skill of making them! Both unique and classic ingredients can be found in their selection; black pepper, garlic or spicy chili, but also a surprising lavender, saffron and fennel (my favorite!). What the different flavors all have in common: they go great with a cold beer.

The tasty sausages are also available in several (actually, quite many) stores and pubs in Amsterdam, which you can find on a map on Brand & Levie’s website. Their small Butcher’s shop at the Archangelkade is definitely worth a visit, as they have a range of other snacks and proper meats, and very cool accessories for the die hard sausage-fans.

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Archangelkade 9, Amsterdam

Telephone number


Opening Times

Mon - Fri 10:00 - 18:00, Sat 09:00 - 17:30


Per sausage: € 7


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