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Image by Stephen van den Hoek

Cats & Things – For the true cat lover

I’ve always had a thing for cats. Some people seem to be scared of their constant staring, their arrogant way of living or their unpredictability. I have had a weak spot for them since I was a child and a tiny, white feline now lives with me.

With a cat in the house, a lot of things need to change. No leftover lasagna in your room, since cats are always hungry. No glassed filled with water, they will always drink water except the water in their own bowl. Every little paper is an enemy and your pillow is the best place to sleep.

Cats & Things is a spot filled with everything you need for a cat: plenty of toys, bags of food, gadgets to comb their hair, candy to reward them, baskets and cat-beds. If it’s not a cat gadget you seek, you will find plenty of cat related gifts, such as calendars, pens, books and notebooks. In between all the kitty articles, the owner’s cats sleep, wander and play in the shop. Their two Persian cats are monstrous big, soft and furry. Beware: they’re like the king and queen of the shop and expect to be petted by visitors.

Having a cat isn’t an excuse to visit Cats & Things. You can either shop for your kitty back home or be awkwardly amazed by the dedication to the small kings of the jungle.

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