Micropia Amsterdam

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Micropia – Indoor Artis experience

As a Dutch citizen, I’ve visited the Amsterdam Zoo (Artis) multiple times already. In order to try something different, my boyfriend and I decided to spend an afternoon in their next-door experience: Micropia. This (first) museum about microbes is designed to inform the public about the utility and deep complexity of microscopic life such as bacteria, viruses, algae and molds.

While a museum about microorganisms doesn’t sound very appealing, it offers a very entertaining way to learn about the world of the small creatures surrounding us. There are multiple interactive tools visitors can use to inform themselves about the subject. For instance, a kiss-o-meter showed that a kiss I shared with my lovely counterpart didn’t score very high in romance. Furthermore, there are lots of digital devices offering quizzes and short movie clips.

Finally, by zooming in on casual, daily objects, the museum makes it more accessible to understand the importance of microbes in our everyday lives.

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Plantage Kerklaan 38, Amsterdam

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Fri - Wed 09:00 - 18:00, Thu 09:00 - 20:00


Entry ticket: € 16


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