Akotee Antwerp

Image by Britt Marien

Akotee – Kitschy wannahaves

The place to go if I need a last minute gift. Akotee has pencil cases, wallets, umbrellas, bike bags, lunch boxes, keychains, old postcards, thin cans, clocks and plastic tablecloths. As long as it’s kitsch, they sell it. Polka dots, huge flowers and old drawings scream at you in any possible flashy color. Entering this shop means instant happiness to me. It’s a girl thing I guess.

The best thing about this shop? The neighboring shop, Akotwee (it’s a Dutch pun). Same designs but bigger… Jewelry boxes, book wrappers, picnic baskets, tv-blankets, pillowcases, lamps, … It’s a discovery every time I enter.

And it doesn’t stop there. There’s a third shop! This last shop only sells Christmas decorations. Glass angels, wooden saints, Santa dolls made out of felt… You name it, they have it. You will always find the lights on but the door will probably be closed. If you want to buy something, you’ll have to go into Akotwee and ask someone there if they want to come with you to the neighbouring shop.

Every year, I have a few things from these shops on my wishlist. And the stuff I didn’t get, I gift to myself. And yes, I have them wrapped. With a bow. Gifts needs bows…

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Melkmarkt 28, Antwerp

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 10:00 - 18:00


Pencil case: € 12


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