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Emma Bocket (1986)

About me
If I had the guts to get a tattoo, it would be just one word: Impulsive! Full of energy and always ready to start immediately. Making decisions, and enjoying the path I choose in life.

Over the last years, traveling has become a sort of sport to me, either with friends, or the best: by myself. And the more I explore the world, the more grateful I am for being able to live in this city.

For me: travelling is not a dream, it is always a plan!

Why Antwerp?
At every corner in Antwerp, there is something going on, for all kinds of people in the city. New habits in Belgium often start in Antwerp.

Antwerp really welcomes all tourists/travellers from all over the world. And when I am running over the main square I think: man, I am lucky to live here!

And the best thing about Antwerp: our beloved Schelde (water), the fuel of our city. The source of new inspiration!

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