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Kevin Ducheyne (1982)

About me
I live for the nights when spontaneous decisions become grand adventures. I am the creator and organizer of all things chaotic by nature. I am the architect of my life, and I am proud of my adventurous, fun-loving attitude towards life.

I do NOT tick like a Swiss watch. Which comes in handy, since time is nothing but an illusion. I am what I am, hate it or love it; it’s all up to you. Besides all of that I can honestly say that I have a curious and inquisitive nature. At times, I might be more inclined to be an observer instead of being the person who asks numerous questions. However, I will never avoid a good conversation.

All I want is to enjoy the life which has been given to me. Nothing more and nothing less.

That’s me in a nutshell folks, how did an enormous NUT fit into a shell like this? Find out for yourself, come on, don’t be afraid to explore the nooks and crannies of the town, which helped shape my kaleidoscopic personality, by checking out my favorite spots.

Why Antwerp?
Antwerp and I go together like white on rice. I identify this metropolis as the perfect wife. She has beauty, brains, and humor. Usually, I add two more B’s to that equation, but it is hard when personifying a city. It just wouldn’t feel right. Other than the qualities I’ve just mentioned she lets me wander around aimlessly and in her presence I can just be myself. She’s got it all.

This mistress has plenty of hidden curves and passionate secrets. Her concealed aspects give form to a mysterious and charming character. I just know for a fact that all the other Belgian cities envy her flawlessness, so I pray for them. My fair maiden, Antwerp, is the humble center of the universe! This statement may seem too cocky to most people, but I am blinded by my love for her appealing features. Objectivity lost its way after this town clasped me affectionately.

I love to travel, but for now, this city is my home. Being inspired by the positive vibe this matured town emits is a reward on its own. She’s got the X-factor. During the summertime, people come together on sunny terraces, on compelling squares or in the parks, where they’ll attend several of the abundant public events. As winter kicks in you can easily find a cozy and warm spot indoors while you check out an exhibit, a theater show, a screening of a movie or a concert. When you’re a bit more restless, you could just meet up with some friends, strangers, fellow travelers or couch surfers in one of the many restaurants or bars.

There are about 160 different cultures known to humankind living together, somewhat peacefully, in this municipality also known as ‘t Stad’. It all adds up to approximately 512.000 people who are coexisting within an area that spreads out over 78.96 square miles. As an open minded local I get to take the best out of all these cultures and enjoy it all. This petite town displays a large variety of inhabitants. It is small enough to grasp and big enough to let your emotional heart overflow with happiness.

In case you were wondering, letting Antwerp set foot into your life is a life-altering decision! Just ask ANYONE who moved here. Thus, you ought to consider this action carefully. She will tend to your emigrated heart, but you might as well start off with visiting her. It’ll never be too late to fall in love. She’s been around since 1400 C.E., and it will be a long time before she will vanish into thin air.

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