Burie Antwerp

Image by Britt Marien

Burie – The biggest secrets hide in plain sight

Belgium, chocolates, nothing new. Everybody already knows we have the best ones. You can always try to prove me wrong…

Burie have been selling their chocolates in our city since 1962, and since they moved to their new location, they also have different kinds of candy and enough space to put some tables and chairs so you can have a coffee or a huge portion of their delicious hot chocolate. Their chocolates (or ‘pralines’) are the real fancy stuff. Crunchy, thin chocolate, lots of gooey filling and special combinations.

In Belgium, we also have a tradition called ‘Doopsuiker’. It means that a mother offers sugared almonds to all the people who come to visit her and the newborn baby. Burie offers an extensive choice of these almonds, wrapping ideas and displays. A few displays are always in the back of the store, and you’re welcome to have a look.

Now, my secret advice for this store. You all know ‘Nutella’. Forget about that. Go to this shop and ask for their ‘choco’, milk or dark, whatever you prefer. You get a little pot of chocolate goodness that you are supposed to put on a sandwich when you’re back home. Forget about the sandwich. Use a spoon. Indulge. Thank me later :).

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Nationalestraat 42, Antwerp

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Opening Times

Mon - Sat 09:30 - 18:00


250gr pralines: € 19


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