Cinema Zuid Antwerp

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Cinema Zuid – The magic of cinematography

I am a sucker for superb camera work. Score me a few movie tickets for my birthday and you’ll have my everlasting gratitude. I’m easy, some even dare to call me a cheap slut, but I don’t mind!

The craft of filmmaking has frequently been re-invented, but the relaxed setting at a screening at ‘Cinema Zuid’ has always been a constant. Quench your thirst for qualitative moving images. Watch a film that we have collectively forgotten.

In retrospect, you’ll get a kick out of seeing some of the classics. Whether you’ve enjoyed them in the past as a youngster, which could mean that you’re a fossil, or just discovered some of the cinematographic pearls, a feeling of nostalgia will overwhelm you.

I’m not saying that EVERY movie they show will be to your liking, but take a leap of faith and do some research (aka ‘Google the films’). You can check their online calendar to find out which movies will be shown during your stay in town.

Given that we have a fickle environment, the fairly reasonable entrance fee and a possible movie to your liking, you ought to give this picture-perfect escape at least one chance. I promise you; it’ll beat watching television and drinking wine in your hotel room. Even if you just want to get some Chinese food and feel like leaving an ominous butt print wherever you’re sitting down, I invite you to give Cinema Zuid a fighting chance. What do you have to lose?

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Details about this spot



Lakenstraat 14, Antwerp

Telephone number


Opening Times

Tue - Sun depending on movie


Entrance adults: € 5


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