De Gulden Bock Antwerp

Image by Britt Marien

De Gulden Bock – Petit restaurant

It’s not a restaurant. It’s not a self-service. It’s both, and than again neither. Instead of reading from a menu, you ‘read’ what’s on the counter.

In this petite shop in the most fancy shopping street of Antwerp you’ll almost always walk by unless you know it’s there, you’ll find heavenly take-out food like fresh home-made antipasto, salads, pasta, cheeses, veggies and cured meats that are different every day. So if you don’t really have much time and want to continue shopping, take-out is also a good idea.

BUT, if you can spare the time, trust me, take the stairs and go up one level. Take a seat, order drinks and go to the buffet. The chef upstairs will ask you what you want  and make you a nice plate filled with the food of your choice. If it’s lasagna or pasta or stuffed chicken or other things that are best eaten hot, you can sit down and the chef will serve you at your table when your food is warm. The food is without a doubt delicious, fresh and original. 

The place itself is hard to describe. Green, marble, fancy tablecloths. It feels British, or maybe a bit NY (it could be a place where the SATC ladies would meet if only they were real). Not the place to go when you’re city tripping on a budget, but a real treat to yourself and whoever you’re travelling/shopping with!

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Details about this spot



Schuttershofstraat 11, Antwerp

Opening Times

Mon - Tue & Thu - Sat 11:45 - 16:00


Lunch: € 25


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Last Changed Date: 2016-05-19 11:45:13 +0200 (Thu, 19 May 2016)