Diamond Delirium Antwerp

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Diamond Delirium – A girl’s BFF!

A secluded gem? Who will tell? The neighbourhood where precious stones are being traded on a daily basis is located near the grand central station. Here, you will be walking through the heart of the diamond trade, which has been around for roughly 500 years.

The Hoveniersstraat is a pedestrian area where you’ll bump into the folks who make sure that there is a lot of bling shimmering out there in the real world, on TV and in magazines. The eyes of your fiancée sparkle like a shining star because of their work. That’s right, just ask yourself the question if they solely glint because you have popped the question!

In this part of town, you’ll also find a few places that sell fantastic kosher food, like Rachel’s Falafel. The diamond museum was moved to a different district, near city hall.

This district is one of the most safeguarded in Antwerp. Getting past security isn’t that tricky. My advice to avoid random cavity searches, which is a plus when travelling, is simple: Look like a tourist! Taking multiple awe-inspiring photographs will undoubtedly work in your favour.  

A wide-ranging mix of cultures will sneak by while you are the best sightseer you can be. The ice unites everybody here in Antwerp and proves that we do coexist. Humour me, camera, lights, action!

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Hoveniersstraat, Antwerp

Opening Times

Most fun from Mon - Fri 10:00 - 16:00


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