Graanmarkt 13 Antwerp

Image by Britt Marien

Graanmarkt 13 – Greens to share!

Remember when you mother told you to ‘eat your veggies, they’re healthy’? And how you never wanted to eat them, because well, they were veggies? That’s because they weren’t cooked right ;).

The chef in this restaurant, Seppe Nobels, decided that greens and veggies should get a more prominent place on the table. And here you don’t eat them because they’re ‘healthy’, but because they’re gooooood.

There’s only one menu, so you eat what the chef decides to give you. There are the optional appetizers, and sometimes there’s a special. You can always opt for cheese instead of a dessert but seriously, who does that??

When the waiter comes with your main course, you will get a plate with the meat or fish you chose. But THEN come the veggies. 3 different preparations, according to the season, to share with the table. Last time we got cabbage with apple, a cold lasagna made out of rutabaga and pumpkin puree, and soft salsify with sweet chicory. Exactly the kind you would never want your mother to make. Here you will beg the chef for more :).

The elaborate wine menu may throw you off your feet, but you can always ask for advice. They will be glad to help you, and won’t automatically steer you towards the more expensive choices. 

Make sure to order a tea or coffee after your meal, the madelines you get with them come with their own recipe to try at home!

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Graanmarkt 13, Antwerp

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Tue - Sat 12:00 - 14:30 & 18:00 - 22:30


Dinner menu: € 43


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