Henri Conscienceplein Antwerp

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Henri Conscienceplein – The weight of Italy’s realm

I hunger for utopia whenever it feels like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders. Although it may be out of reach, I will share the second best location where you can find peace of mind.

Often I seek refuge amid the buildings located on the Henri Conscience square. There I will claim a quiet spot among my fellow carbon replicas and feel at ease. The square is named after the author who taught his male and female comrades to read. Thank you, Henri! The statue overseeing this secluded area is the spitting image of this Belgian literary genius. The ‘Nottebohm library,’ adjoining the ‘Carolus Borromeus church,’ actually harbours some of his writings.

The structures on this square are fascinating. They serve as an architectural blueprint for my personal utopia. The genuine Italian feel of this spot, which may be the reason why I fell in love with it, and its authenticity has been confirmed by unpretentious Italian tourists of the non-imaginary kind.

The terraces of the venues located here are first-class. Enjoy an ambrosial glass of wine and observe the people walking by. Sit down and drink the fermented grapes as Henri keeps an eye on your ‘six.’ Confine yourself to the present, and doze off as skilful musicians manipulate their violins and acoustic guitars.

Be part of the cure for paunchiness. Go out for a stroll through Antwerp and suffocate the couch potato in you. Fall in love with Antwerp’s little piece of Italy.

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Henri Conscienceplein, Antwerp

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