Red Star Line Antwerp

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Red Star Line – Maritime museum

The Red Star Line Museum in Antwerp is a beautiful place where personal stories are combined with big historical events. Say what?

Yes, Antwerp used to be a big gateway for many poor European families to try their shot in ‘the promising land of the United States’. Two million passengers travelled from Antwerp, Red Star Line’s main European port, to North America on board Red Star Line ships. Germany, Poland, Belgium, The Netherlands… Almost all European nationalities were represented back then (oh, did you know that nowadays Antwerp houses more nationalities than New York?)

Besides that, the Red Star Line Museum also collects stories of people who moved to Antwerp and tell their story about their first five years of existing in Antwerp. 

Come over and learn more about this period through personal stories. And find out why Antwerp is such a magical place for many immigrants.

Tip: take the stairs, to have a beautiful view over Antwerp, De Schelde and a part of the trendy north area of our city.

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