Sint-Annatunnel Antwerp

Image by Kevin Ducheyne

Sint-Annatunnel – Subterrestrial time capsule

Antwerp is situated near the river Scheldt. This waterway, which runs all the way to the North Sea, divides our lovely pearl into a vivid right bank and soothing left bank that allows you to escape the busy city life.

To go to the right or left bank one could take a tram, drive a car or go on foot. The latter, which is my favorite, is made possible by a pedestrian tunnel that we locally refer to as the “Sint Annatunnel.”

Don’t be fooled, this isn’t just a regular underpass I’m writing about. The tunnel is a time capsule that dates back to 1931 – 1933. Clench your hands and close your eyes as you step on the first escalator. Feel how cold air surrounds you leisurely. Hear how the whispers of an incredible past compel you to relax your hands to take out your camera and shoot some stunning photographs.

After changing escalators at an intermediate floor, you’ll reach the walkway with a length of approximately 572m. I recommend that you pay attention to small details. Such as the materials that have been used for these escalators, and so on. The style reflected in this tunnel is undeniably tainted by the Belle Époque era.

Bring along a nice hoodie or jacket if you get cold quite fast. You don’t want to upset any conservative locals while you take this trip down memory lane in a dazzling top or T-shirt. “Bruce Almighty” forbid you’d proudly show how nippy you are.

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Sint Jansvliet, Antwerp

Opening Times

24 hours daily
Winter in Antwerp
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