Verhoogde kaai Antwerp

Image by Britt Marien

Verhoogde kaai – Platform ‘en haut’

Starting at the ‘Suikerrui’ with a grand walk up, guarded by two stone lions, this quay stands about 6 meters up in the air to give you a grand view over the river. Events sometimes take place under it. During the Christmas market, you’ll find pop-ups there.

It is crowded, overrun, always filled with people and not fun. On a Saturday…

I go there on a weekday, after work, around 18:00. Empty, deserted and a clear view over the river and the boats. The only other people there are probably a lonely runner and a young couple hiding out from their parents.

It’s a lovely place to just sit. Or walk. Or read a book. Or to try and take that one perfect picture of the sunset (don’t have that one yet, but I keep trying). Or run around like a little kid because I like the hollow sound of the steel joists and old concrete under my feet.

Also a nice spot to celebrate. Bring a friend, a bottle of your favorite wine (champagne, why not?), 2 glasses and give a toast to Friday. Or to the picnic basket one of you brought along. Or to the fact that you look lovely today. Or because you had a job interview that went well… Always a reason to celebrate ;).

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Steenplein, Antwerp

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24 hours daily
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