Areios Pagos Athens

Image by Dimitris Hall

Areios Pagos – Athens 24/7 panorama

The one and only Areios Pagos is my go-to place whenever my friends and I are in the centre, prefer to not spend too much money on drinks, and have no other concrete plans.

Areios Pagos, what used to be the High Court of Ancient Athens and even today is the namesake of the Greek Supreme Court, is a hill right below the Acropolis with a fantastic view over more or less the entire centre of the city and a great part of its western suburbs. Every traveller and guest I’ve ever taken there has been amazed by this view over the tapestry of lights and buildings, ancient as well as contemporary, that form the world below.

Unlike Pnyx (check out the article), another high spot behind Areios Pagos and closer to Filopappou Hill, no matter the time you choose to visit, there are always people here playing music, smoking, drinking, laughing and shouting in Greek as well as many other languages.

When visiting, remember to watch your step! The hill consists of mostly solid rock and can be quite slippery. In the past you had to climb up stairs carved into the rock itself, but thankfully now there’s also a metal staircase to make things easier and less dangerous.

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Theorias, Athens

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24 hours daily


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