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Angeliki Georgokosta (1989)

About me
Hello world! I’m Angeliki, born and bred in Athens and specifically in the area of Pagrati which I now call home by birth and choice.

I work as a cultural producer either supporting other people’s artistic ideas or developing my own initiatives like Off The Grid Music: a platform dedicated to increasing the visibility of the Greek music scene.

I love travelling and meeting new human beings, especially when they come from different backgrounds than mine. When I can’t physically travel, I travel the world from my bedroom with Wim Wenders films and music discoveries from around the globe. I also love coffee, brunch, walking my dog in parks and partying with my friends. So, you should check my spots if you’re looking to do some of this stuff while in Athens!

Why Athens
The main reason to love any place is its people and Athens has some wonderful souls out there. The nightlife is lush. You can find all sorts of parties from dusk till dawn! The cultural life is also very vibrant, with many music events and a very active local theatre scene (about 1,500 shows every year!). Athens is also a magical place for gastronomy. There’s always events and activities and new places coming up, so there’s always more to discover about the city!

Where else can you find me online?

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